Only drink Bollie or Veuve? Read this.

In 2014, David Donald, of David Donald Champagnes was knighted for his services to Champagne, into L’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne, an ancient order dating from the mid 1600s. We talk to him about how his passion for champagne was ignited and his recommendations for those keen to taste-test beyond the big name bottles. When […]

Eating & Drinking Ipswich.. by Helicopter

It feels incredibly fragile. An insubstantial glass bubble, a giant’s toy. Surely, incapable of carrying humans up into the sky or touching down gently on the earth without shattering into a thousand shards? But, take off it does, and gradually my fists unclench and my stomach unties itself and I open my eyes to look […]

How to Open your Champagne with a Sword.

Champagne educator Amanda Reboul drinks a lot of champagne (professionally of course!). Sometimes, she opens them like the rest of us, removing the foil and the wire cage before easing the cork out with (hopefully), a gentle pop. But at others times, she takes a gold-hilted ceremonial sword from its case and simply strikes the […]

When it comes to champagne – Australians stick with what they know

Australians love champagne, with figures just released showing the country is still holding strong as the 7th biggest market in the world and the largest outside of Europe; popping the corks on around 7 million bottles each year. There’s a reluctance to stray from the familiar however, with major champagne houses dominating sales. Conversely, grower […]

Will global warming kill the champagne industry?

These photographs, by champagne enthusiast and photographer Victor Pugatschew may look strange and beautiful, but they’re not something that gladdens the hearts of champagne houses. A fortnight ago in Champagne, vineyards report temperatures plunging to as low as -7C.  The frost proceeded an unusually warm spring which saw early shooting of the vines, however it’s been […]

Eat, Drink, Stay… The Champagne Region with The Bubble Diva

In 1991,  21 year old Amanda Pickering is travelling from Australia to Germany for the beginning of a backpacking trip around Europe when she finds she is seated on the plane next to a handsome, lanky, dark-haired Frenchman. That man, Corsican native Philippe Reboul was to become her husband. Fast forward a few years, and the […]


Petanque. Like bowls but stylishly French.

You might have seen it in one of those gorgeously scenic French movies, or perhaps while travelling through the French countryside, where it seems every small village has a gravel petanque court. Petanque was first played in 1910 Provence, in the town of La Ciotat near Marseilles, with the first  tournament organised by local café […]

Introducing…. ‘Mr Hollywood in Oz’.

  For years, he’s graced the social pages in Brisbane publications, both writing about Queensland’s most glamorous events and people, and, as a style icon, featuring in the pages himself. A presenter on The Great Day Out on Channel 7 , Damien Anthony Rossi, bon vivant, and champagne lover was an obvious candidate for the […]